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What is an event?

Last updated: Mar 14, 2024

Events are actions that happen on your website. Standard events are predefined by KAEO and can be used to log conversions. See below for a list of the standard events for the KAEO Pixel.

Standard events

Website actionDescriptionStandard event code
LeadA submission of information by a customer with the understanding that they may be contacted at a later date by your business. For example, submitting a form or signing up for a trial.capture('lead');
Add to cartThe addition of an item to a shopping cart or basket. For example, clicking an Add to Cart button on a website.capture('add_to_cart');
Checkout startedThe start of a checkout process. For example, clicking a Checkout button.capture('checkout_started');
Add payment infoThe addition of customer payment information during a checkout process. For example, a person clicks on a button to save their billing information.capture('add_payment_info');
PurchaseThe completion of a purchase, usually signified by receiving order or purchase confirmation, or a transaction receipt. For example, landing on a Thank You or confirmation page.capture('purchase', {value: 0.00, currency: 'USD'});
Identify visitorsLinking events to specific users enables you to build a full picture of how they're browser your site/app across different sessions, devices, and platforms. See moreidentify( 'distinct_id',{ email: 'email_here', name: 'name_here' } );

Pageview events

$pageview events are automatically sent when using the JavaScript snippet. You can disable this by setting capture_pageview: false in the initialization config.

You can manually send pageview events by calling capture('$pageview'). This is necessary for single-page applications like React, Next.js or Vue, since otherwise a pageview event is only sent for the first page.

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